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Willow Cotton Voile Hijab


This unusual colored hijab can be paired with rose colored abaya or jilbab. This delicate but modest look will be awe-inspiring. The fabric of the hijab is durable and breathable. It gives coverage to style it in any iconic manner. One style is that of Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati (aka Queen of Luna) aims to establish that anyone can become a Disney princess, even if they wear a hijab. The creative young woman has transformed herself into just about every Disney princess on the roster, including Elsa, Jasmine, Mulan, and Pocahontas. The artist makes her hijab a key part of each look by impressively shaping and accessorizing the material so it resembles various hairstyles.

Size & Fit: Choose from 2 sizes depending on how much coverage you want or the style you wear.

Our Model is wearing a Large/Maxi size (100x180cm) Hijab.

  • Regular/Medium = 70CM x 180CM (27.5in x 70.8in)
  • Maxi/Large = 100CM x 180CM (40in x 70.8in)

Look After Me: Hand & Machine Washable, Easy to Iron. Please check instructions on the Care Label

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      Salma Taylor
      Not much to say but comfortable and easy

      It's so comfortable I really really love it.. lightening shipment, two days