Halal Cosmetics Asta Revital Eyes Care Cream

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Skin Brightening Eye Gel with Aloe Vera

We have teamed the old favorite Aloe Vera – quite simply because we find it to be extremely effective – with the almost miraculous qualities of Astaxanthin, meaning you can’t get a better antioxidant formula. 

Directions: Apply around the eye areas in the morning and evening before applying moisturizer. Avoid contact with eye and do not use irritated and broken skin.

  • Proudly Made in Great Britain (UK)
  • Exclusively available in USA from ModestPath.com

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Size/Weight: 15ml


      Warning: External use only, if product enter eyes, rinse well with water. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and seek medical advise

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      Actually Works!

      Give it time and use it religiously- this thing really works!! As a mother of 4 in her 30's, I also nanny full time for 3 additional little ones. I'm always running on minimal to no sleep, don't eat right, am always on the go... This helped actually take away the dark circles I was spending so much money on expensive makeup to conceal!

      I love the fact its natural & HALAL

      I am so IMPRESSED!!! Was not expecting much to be honest, just another eye cream. However, I am almost 52 with very few lines so far, mostly just when I smile, so I consider myself lucky as of yet. Just recently I noticed a crepiness on my upper eyelids, just seemed to appear overnight. I loaded up on my usual expensive eye creams, tried vitamin E straight... nothing showed the slightest difference.

      I bought this cream and just thought it would be nice to have an extra next to by bed to put on when I thought of it, as extra emollient coverage for night. More than my typical night regime.

      Let me tell you after 3 days of use... the crepey lid (only on one eye) is almost gone. How is it possible that the least expensive cream I have did so much better than all the expensive stuff?!! Just goes to prove you do not need to spend much at all to get a great product.

      I have now moved this product to day and night use, I continue to see a little bit of a change each morning. Wow!!! Just stunned. This is a must have product for everyone, please do yourself a favor and invest in it, you will not be sorry.

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      Really its a good quality

      I like the quality


      Crimson red jersey hijab

      I received my order in very good timing. But the quality of product was not as long or wide as I expected. It also was a bit thin. If you order this product get the bigger size

      Perfect just as the image on the post after delivery

      When I received it for my wife it was perfect size. Also the quality of material was very good