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  • Where to Buy Halal Cosmetics and Make-up Products Online in the USA?

    Where to Buy Halal Cosmetics and Make-up Products Online in the USA?

    Why Halal Cosmetics? So what exactly does halal mean?

    Halal is an Arabic term which means “lawful” or “permissible” the opposite is Haram. The Halal products ensure that all the ingredients used in making a product are halal, refrained from using any Haram animal substances, alcohol, free from animal testing and harmful substances such as Parabens and SLS are not used. The products are certified by a third party Halal compliance authority and carefully vetted by quality control team to ensure it is up to very strict standards. These products are made with the health, safety and benefit of all people regardless of age, faith or culture.

    One such brand is "The Halal Cosmetics Company" which began its journey to develop a skincare and cleansing range which was ethical in every possible way without compromising on luxury and quality. Now, after years of research, development and testing, they have successfully launched a range of products that genuinely work at many different levels to preserve beauty and prevent skin damage. A range which truly offers, “PEACE of mind from dawn till dusk”.

    ModestPath is proudly in partnership with "The Halal Cosmetics Company" to exclusively bring their complete range of 100% Halal Cosmetics products to American consumers.

    In June 2013, the company was awarded the Fusion “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and finalist in the Enterprise Vision Awards for the “Beauty Business of the Year”.

    The signature range of products contains one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered to date, Astaxanthin, described by some scientists as a miracle of nature.

    There are 3 main elements to the product range, which have been specifically designed to work in harmony to nourish and dramatically improve the condition of your skin. These are a combination of age defying anti-aging creams, moisturizer lotions and a luxury organic cleansing range.

    Everything about "Halal Cosmetics" products, from the design of labels to the bottles being used, has been proudly made in the UK and to the highest British standards.

    These products are truly "Peace of mind from dawn till dusk"


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