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  • Revolutionary Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lave Event by IFDC Council

    Revolutionary Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lave Event by IFDC Council

    Produced by IFDC and with the support of the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Center, the inaugural Pret-A-Cover Buyer Lane tool place at the heart of Dubai from March 28 to April 2, 2018

    Dubbed as the ‘anti-fashion week’ for breaking away from the traditional catwalk and innovative use of projection screens to showcase its collection along with new strategies, the event brought together over 35 international modest fashion designers that mesmerized buyers, fashion aficionados, influencers, general audience and international media.

    Through an innovative format, the event challenged conventional fashion shows by providing the designers with an outlet for creating impact through immersive 360-degree videos shows using 15 screen and over 25 projectors rendering projection mapping, LED, and water screen holographic effects in every show. This along with interactive pop-ups, social media competitions and live expert interviews kept the event lively and unlike any other.

    PAC-BL captured the attention of the local and international press, from Japan to the United States, Europe, Italy, Russia and the GCC.

    IFDC extended their warmest thanks to their sponsors, partners including the event interiors and planning partners Burgundy & ZOQ, designers, artists, and members of the press for making the project possible.

    Follow the link and you will find an overview of the event, a picture gallery, media highlighted, success stories, social media figure and more

    IFDC Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane

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