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  • Modest Islamic Fashion Show In Dubai

    Modest Islamic Fashion Show In Dubai

    Pret-A-Cover™Buyers Lane (PAC BL) is a revolutionary modest fashion and design global market event featuring modest designers, artists, and lifestyle from around the world. Enjoy exciting new stage shows using state of the art technology! Join retailers, industry players, and enjoy exciting shopping programs at this most important event for the global modest industry. Launching in Dubai under the support of Dubai government’s Islamic Economy Development Center, and further will be positioned in other countries, PAC-BL offers innovative opportunities for all global stakeholders. Attend the event and be a part of the legacy, witness change the beautiful change in the business of modest fashion and design!

    Modest Fashion and Arts Appreciation is what the IFDC Awards are all about! This is an occasion that falls within most of IFDC’s events, where celebrate creativity, innovation, leadership, and talent worldwide at an exciting destination, through one of our creative events, where talent receives career defining awards.

    Awards include opportunities like “Ramadan capsule collection deal for 14 of Debenhams stores”, “Expense paid trip to complimentary showcase during Paris Fashion Week”, “Feature in leading magazines like Vogue and collaboration meetings with big names in the fashion industry”, “Career defining branding opportunities and the creation of new followers worldwide”, and more. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this exciting and commercially lucrative (for the IFDC award winners) experience!

    IFDC Pop-up School

    IFDC brings professional courses set in exciting locations for a one of a kind experience with high profile teachers! Gain understanding and knowledge of the modest fashion and design industry in a practical way, with leading personalities teaching these courses through impactful modules. IFDC Pop-Up School’s short courses help to learn to excel in your business and personal success or launch a new concept with better chances of success. Become a part of the trillion dollar modest fashion and design industry where there’s room for many to make their mark. IFDC produces an experience around each class from exciting locations, top experts and personalities teaching courses, leading field trips, guiding you to become a leader, offering exclusive mentorship, personal development and positioning for an optimal life, and more.

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    February 04, 2018

    Anxiously waiting for this event. I have attended the previous Modest Fashion event in London and one in Dubai and both were something to witness. Lots of designers presenting some of their best work and creativity.

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