Islamic Prayer Mat in Black with Lantern Arch Shaped

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Exclusively designed limited-edition cushioned Muslim prayer mat with beautiful Islamic lantern design. This night-black design features a gold-embroidered hanging Islamic lantern. With it’s unique arch-shaped design, this prayer mat or Janamaz has been specially designed with a non-slip underside for safe use on smooth flooring and an added cushioning layer for extra comfort. This prayer mat will enhance your spiritual lifestyle and home. Visual Dhikr® Prayer Mat has been exclusively designed in London, UK.

Like No Other - Visual Dhikr has re-imagined the traditional prayer mat. No tassles, pile-rug texture or poorly designed motifs. Taking direct inspiration from our rich Islamic heritage and combining with modern tastes, comes a prayer mat designed for modern Muslim living.

Comfort & Style - The Visual Dhikr Prayer Mat has been designed from the ground up. With a specially developed cushioning layer that is just right for added comfort for your feet and knees. The uniquely modified underside is made from a non-slip material, allowing safe use on smooth floors.

Shape of Things to Come - The Visual Dhikr Prayer Mat introduces a completely new shape (patent-pending) to prayer mats, inspired by the beautiful arches in Islamic architecture. Each of these mats have been developed in different textures and materials, from shabby canvas to cool denim. Authentic artistic tradition meets contemporary design.

Size: 660mm X 1400mm (27.4 x 13.4 x 1 Inches)

Color: Black

Fabric: Poly Twill 

  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Premium Quality Fabric
  • Prayer Rug in Standard Large Size
  • Imported and designed in UK
  • Genuine Authentic Islam Muslim Prayer Rug

Customer Reviews

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This was an absolutely terrific buy! The quality of the sajda rug is ...

This is my first sajadah. At first I was worried about buying one online because my brothers and sisters that own one are hand made. This was an absolutely terrific buy!

Loved it!

I ordered this prayer rug for my fiance who is incarcerated, because he needed a little more cushion for his older knees, the prison tried to deny giving it to him because it was over the $30 limit, but after I wrote the commissioner and a few other people they gave him the rug and he loves it!


Looks and design are Outstanding.
The material is nice but not strong enough to be in a straight form while using it.

Cushion comfort very weak and base/non-slippery material: very bad as it slips easily.
Convenience: nice but the folded mark remains, comes with nice cover, also price: little high

Overall: 5/10

I was going to return this product and the main reason that water of wudu makes like bad wet smells after a while because of the material.


Everything is perfect

Looks great but overall fair

Looks/design: Outstanding 9/10
Top material: Nice, cozy but not strong enough to be the same for long. 7/10
Cushion comfort: weak 4/10
Base/non slippery material: very bad as it slips easily. 2/10
Convenience: nice but the folded mark remains, comes with nice cover. 7/10
Price: little high 6/10

Overall: 6/10
Recommendation: change the slipper material, increase the cushion comfort.

I was going to return this product but since i used once and prayed on it ended up using it and liking it so far since I use keeping on top of carpet.

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