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    Islamic Prayer Mat Rug in Blue Geometric Denim Arch Shaped

    Denim Navy

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    Experience a unique blend of tradition and modernity with our Geometric Denim Arch Shaped Islamic Prayer Mat Rug. This limited edition, cushioned Muslim prayer mat is not just a product, but a spiritual companion that enhances your prayer experience.

    Our prayer mat features intricate Islamic geometric embroidery, a testament to the rich heritage of Islamic art. The unique arch-shaped design, inspired by the majestic arches of Islamic architecture, sets this prayer mat apart from the conventional ones.

    Crafted with a non-slip underside, this prayer mat ensures safe use on smooth flooring, providing you with peace of mind during your prayers. The added cushioning layer offers extra comfort, making your prayer sessions more serene and comfortable.

    This prayer mat is not just a functional item, but a piece of art that will enhance your home's aesthetics. Whether you're using it for your daily prayers or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this prayer mat is a beautiful addition to any Islamic home.

    Like No Other - Visual Dhikr has re-imagined the traditional prayer mat. No tassles, pile-rug texture or poorly designed motifs. Taking direct inspiration from our rich Islamic heritage and combining with modern tastes, comes a prayer mat designed for modern Muslim living.

    Comfort & Style - The Visual Dhikr Prayer Mat has been designed from the ground up. With a specially developed cushioning layer that is just right for added comfort for your feet and knees. The uniquely modified underside is made from a non-slip material, allowing safe use on smooth floors.

    Shape of Things to Come - The Visual Dhikr Prayer Mat introduces a completely new shape (patent-pending) to prayer mats, inspired by the beautiful arches in Islamic architecture. Each of these mats have been developed in different textures and materials, from shabby canvas to cool denim. Authentic artistic tradition meets contemporary design.

    Size: 1400mm x 660mm (55.1 x 25.9 Inches)

    Color: Blue

    Fabric: Fine Denim 

    • Quality Craftsmanship
    • Premium Quality Fabric
    • Prayer Rug in Standard Large Size
    • Imported and designed in UK
    • Genuine Authentic Islam Muslim Prayer Rug

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Jesse Regnier
    Simple, beautiful, and long

    I'm grateful that this rug is extra long (a good 8 inches longer than the typical prayer mat). I also find the simple design beautiful and easy to maintain focus in prayer.

    Syed Hamza Khalid

    Would have preferred a softer cushioning

    Rijwanul Hasib
    Nice design but low quality

    The Design is beautiful I really love it but clothe fades away in certain places only in 5 days use!! Also the fold marks destroyed the beauty of it. Better if it can be folded from other side so no risk of getting dirty.

    Rukhsana Afridi

    Great prayer rugs

    Norliyana Hussin

    Islamic Prayer Mat Rug in Blue Geometric Denim Arch Shaped