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  • Top Hijab Tutorials by Dina Tokio and Dian Pelangi

    Top Hijab Tutorials by Dina Tokio and Dian Pelangi

    Dina Tokio and Dian Pelangi give tutorials on how to look fab in a hijab

    Modest-fashion influencers have taken social media by storm thanks to a barrage of posts on the best and most elegant hijab and abaya styles. Notable among them are the video tutorials from UK-based hijabi blogger Dina Torkia and Indonesia’s Dian Pelangi.

    Better known among her more than 1.4 million Instagram followers and more than half a million YouTube subscribers as Dina Tokio, Torkia mostly blogs about how to look fab in a hijab and about finding clothes that reflect faith-based values of dressing modestly.

    She has worked with many popular brands, including French luxury house Lancôme as well as leading department stores Liberty and Harvey Nichols.

     In this video, Dina Tokio shows viewers 20 different ways to tie a scarf.

    With more than 4.8 million Instagram followers, Dian Pelangi is the unofficial poster girl of Indonesian modest fashion, and she has represented the region at fashion weeks in Milan, London and, most recently, New York.

    “Indonesia has plans to be the global center for Muslim fashion by 2020. But right now, modest fashion is approaching lots of places, so we’ll see,” she said in an interview when asked about the future of modest fashion.

    Watch the videos and let us know which ones you like.

    Source: mySalaam & YouTube

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