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  • Taking Prayers to the Next Level

    Taking Prayers to the Next Level

    Introducing one of the coolest contemporary Muslim artists out there, Ruh Al-Alam of Visual Dhikr. We are passionate about working with fellow Muslims who share our desire for innovating products that enhance the Muslim lifestyle.

    In celebration of the holiest of holidays, Ruh has put a fresh new spin on one of the most important companions to the Islamic faith, the prayer mat. For centuries, Muslims have dealt with prayer mats that are poorly designed and cheaply made in factories. With Ruh’s first-hand spiritual experiences and a keen eye for traditional Islamic art and design, he has created a new prayer mat that fully embodies our Islamic history and heritage.

    “I’ve always felt that I could look at all the things we use and surround ourselves with as part of our faith culture,” says Ruh, and determine a

    way that “we can infuse a sense of the inspiration that fuels our love of God.”

    Prayer Mat

    VISUAL DHIKR Prayer Mat

    The Visual Dhikr Prayer Mat features an arched shape and geometric patterns that are reminiscent of Islamic architectural design, the arches representing gateways to the spiritual space. A perfect place to experience the peace and spiritual focus of prayer. The mat is free of tassels and gaudy designs to keep with the simplistic nature of prayer, and it has a layer of cushioning for a comfortable spiritual experience. Whether you’re speaking to God during a special time of year like Ramadan, or using it for your daily prayers, the Visual Dhikr Prayer Mat is the perfect buddy to take along on your spiritual journey. Treat yourself to this elegant centerpiece of faith, or wow a special friend or loved one with it as a gift.

    As the prophetic saying goes, “God is beautiful, and he loves beauty.” Add a new prayer mat to your collection that exemplifies this beauty today.



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