A Modest Islamic Fashion Survival Guide for Summer

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A Modest Islamic Fashion Survival Guide for Summer

As temperatures heat up this summer, it’s more important than ever to make smart choices about how we dress. And it’s also the season for hearing, “Aren’t you hot in that?” everywhere you go. (Eyeroll). Sure, covering up during the steamy summer months can make things a little tricky, but as a smart sister, arming yourself with this head-to-toe summer fashion survival guide will keep you modest, fabulous and most importantly—cool!
Let’s take it from the top.


  • Hijab– It’s important for your summer hijab to be made of a light and airy material. Choose cottons that are light, but still opaque for modesty. Remember when choosing colors: light colors reflect the light and heat and dark colors absorb them, so go light! When styling your hijab, it’s important to keep it loose, the looser it is, the more your body will be able to breathe and stay cool.

  • Jilbab/Abaya – Go for Cotton, Linen, Fine Denim/Chambray or Viscose. You can’t go wrong these fabrics. Don’t forget to have fun when you are picking out a Jilbab for the Summer months? Try a beautiful printed design or pops of color.

  • Hat – If you’re going to out in the sun for extended periods of time, it’s important to protect your head with a hat. We love wide-brimmed fedoras for a stylishly feminine look that is also functional. Visors are another option for casual, sporty activities. If you’re thinking Hijab and a Hat don’t go together, check out the image below. Have fun beating the heat in style!

  • Sunglasses – You must protect those precious peepers! Look for polarized sunglasses for optimal UV protection in sassy tortoiseshell or retro cat’s eye designs.
  • SPF – The secret to keeping your skin looking young and wrinkle-free is protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose sunscreens with 30 SPF or higher and tinted moisturizers with SPF. And don’t forget the SPF lip balm!


Look for loose, long sleeved shirts made from cotton or linen; those will be the coolest options. Another solution is wearing a lightweight cotton or jersey cardigan over a maxi dress. We love maxi dresses for summer because they are lightweight, modest when paired with a proper top, and the looseness allows for maximum airflow to keep you cool. Remember, the tighter your summer clothing, the hotter you will be and the more you will sweat (gross!).

Also, try to minimize the amount of layering you’re doing because the more layers, the hotter you will be. And sisters, if we can make one point: fabrics are everything. Your friends during these warmer months are going to be silk, cotton, linen, jersey and chambray.


  • Trousers and Palazzo pants – These super trendy pants are light, airy and not form fitting, so they are perfect for your contemporary modest lifestyle. They come in many different colors, prints and patterns so see what fits your style.

  • Slips – Because many long skirts aren't lined, sisters sometimes tend to wear leggings under them. Bad idea in the summer! Tight-fitting spandex and elastic materials trap heat like crazy. It may seem a little old fashioned but try wearing slips under your skirts and dresses for loose-fitting modesty.

Many modest fashion companies, like Islamic Design House, are designing clothing with you in mind. This means lightweight and ultra-wearable modest fashion pieces that are perfect for you.

And don’t forget to accessories! A nice necklace and pair of shoes can go a long way in adding elegance and style to a stay-cool outfit.

Happy summer styling!

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